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/ about the magazine

DOF is an online photography publication based on personal and inspirational references. It is a media format tasked to gather and publish photography artists discovered in the lost hours of internet mind traveling.

It is the concretization, of a long awaited project that combines two of my passions, photography and design.

I hope this publication also helps you to discover new perspectives in photography and to be inspired by them as much as I am.

/ about me

as an architect I take into my hands the responsibility and the desire of designing my surroundings, be it a dream house, a table out of wood pallets or an empty page...

As a photographer I try to look, instead of just seeing, at a world that it's right in front of me through the lens of a camera... Finding beauty in the ordinary. 

DOF magazine is my latest venture into the world of writing, editing, curating and publishing an online photography magazine.

When I'm not behind my computer or my camera, I'm running the streets preparing for marathons, mountain crossings or planning bike rides across the Netherlands.

/ show your love, make a donation.

As you know DOF magazine is free for all of you and it will be, forever and ever, but it doesn't come cheap in work hours and promotion services. If you like reading DOF consider making a donation, I'll put it to good use I promise!

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